Reports & mailshots – Booking value by unit or unit type

This report is designed to let you see how well certain units or unit types are doing relative to each other.


It will show weeks booked, booking values split in to 4 columns, each of which you can customize, along with moneys received.

As this is a relatively complicated form to set up, the system remembers the settings. There is also a button at the bottom, Reset to default settings, if you want to put it back to a standard layout.

The two main options are by unit and by unit type, which govern what you will see on each line of the report.

You should also read the information on the lower left, as this provides details of how to use the pulldown boxes, Agents to include, Locations to include and Unit types to include. These boxes are different to the usual windows pulldown boxes, you can select more than one item as a time.