Everyday reports – Print brochure requests


This is the form used to collect all the brochure requests made and print them out.

The correct method for collecting all requests made, since the last printout is to tick the box marked All since last. This ensures that no requests are missed. Next, click OK. Once the labels or letters have been printed out, you can say yes to the ‘record labels as printed’ box that appears. This makes the system remember the last record, and next time you tick All since last, the system will automatically fill in the record numbers for you.

If you’ve set up more than one type of brochure request, then you can pick that from the box at the bottom of the form, before ticking All since last. A separate record is kept of how for you’ve got with each type of brochure request using All since last.

The brochure file name will change, depending on the type of brochure request selected. This is just there to remind you what the file name is, in the layouts folder. Prophet will automatically select the correct layout.