Overview – How it all works and online help

Prophet is a booking, enquiries and accounts system designed primarily for holiday parks.

The central part of the system is the integrated customer and booking information. This is intended to be used by first finding your customer using their name and postcode. If your customer is new to you, then their details must be entered before any other action can take place.

The advantage of always searching for the customer is that if you’ve ever had any contact with them before, then you’ll know immediately. Remember your customer usually won’t tell you or your staff if they have had any previous contact, so always searching removes any possible duplication of names and addresses.

In addition to brochure requests, bookings, and accounts transactions, any other contact may be recorded, these ‘customer contacts’ can be categorized in any way you like.

The other parts of Prophet, reports and setup etc. are all accessible from the main menu. Many options within the system in addition to the usual setup items are changeable by using the switches. These govern how certain things behave and whether they appear at all.

In most frequently used forms within Prophet ENTER and ESCape move back and forth within that window, as well as the Windows standard TAB and SHIFT+TAB.

For most forms, the default input when you first see the display is the one you’ll need. For dates on the arrivals form and elsewhere you can enter the first one you need, then press ENTER and the system will copy that date to the second input automatically.

All reports are available on the screen as a preview before you have the option to print them out.

At most points within the system there is help available for that part. This is accessed by pressing the F1 key. You will see ‘Press F1 for help’ at the top of the form for any part that has this facility. The complete contents of the online help system are also available by selecting ‘help topics’ after you’ve pressed F1.

You will also find that letting the mouse rest on inputs throughout the system can bring up a line of help, describing in more detail exactly what that input