Everyday reports – Cash list


This form is used to print out the cash received for bookings and till transactions to help you reconcile the money you will be paying in to the bank, or that you have taken on credit cards.

The best way to use this form is to tick Record Cashup, as this will make sure that no records are missed between successive printouts. The system will automatically fill in the record numbers for you, carrying on in sequence from the last record from the last printout done.

Once you’ve ticked Record Cashup, click OK, and the report will appear on the screen. In the top left of the display is a printer icon, you can click it to select a printer and print out the report. To close the report, click the X ( close icon ) at the top right of the screen. Once closed, the system will ask you if you want to record the cashup, if you say yes, the record numbers are saved for next time. If you are unhappy with the printout, you can click no, and start over after correcting whatever you need. This happens regardless of whether you actually physically print anything out or not.

Alternatively you can do cash reports by date.

Also you can select any one of the tick boxes to produce different types of summary.