Everyday reports – Amendments list


Using this form, you can print lists or invoices for all recently amended bookings, any new ones, and any cancellations.

There are two ways to use this report. Firstly you can use it like a ‘cash up’, taking all bookings changed since the last time you ran it. Secondly you can use it to see what has been happening within two sets of dates.

To use see all new or amended since the last time you ran it, select the location you want to look at, or leave on all locations, then click Print list of amended or new since last. This will produce a list on screen.

To see all new or amended bookings between two dates, change the inputs Booked between, and Amended between to the dates required, then click Print list of amended or new between dates.

You can print invoices out for all bookings that appear on this list, if, for instance you prefer to print invoices in one go at the end of the day, rather that at the time you make each booking. To do this click Print invoices on list.

Alternatively, you may wish to produce a report detailing this activity, to help you, there is the button Write invoices to text file. This produces a tab delimited text file called AMNDLIST.TXT, which is written to c:\prophet\temp usually. This file can be imported to Microsoft Excel, and contains more information than is on the report.

Once you’ve closed the list, the current list info box will have changed from no list made yet, to X bookings to clear, X being the number of bookings that have appeared on the report. To clear these off, click clear current list.